Facility Review Report Costs

Facility Review report costs are presented by program year for North American facilities, as well as a table for non-routine/special facility reviews conducted outside of North America. Contact the administrator for more information. Facility Reviews are for sale to members only!

CHWMEG, Inc. North American Facility Review Report Costs

Listed below are the CHWMEG, Inc. facility review report costs. If you have any questions, please contact the CHWMEG Inc. Administrator at (412) 826-3056.

Facility Review
Program Year
Member Cost for 
Each Facility Review
New Member** Cost 
for Each Facility Review
All previous North American reviews are not available.


CHWMEG, Inc. Non-North American/Special Facility Review Report Costs

Facility Review
Program Year
Member Cost for
Each Facility Review
New Member** Cost
for Each Facility Review
All previous non-North American reviews are not available.

These are facility reviews conducted on facilities outside of North America.
(List is sorted by country, then year, then city, then Facility Name.)

Non-Routine/Special Facility Reviews
Argentina:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Braunco S.A. - Benavidez, Buenos Aires, Argentina2011$1,800$1,800
Recovering S.A. - Campana, Buenos Aires, Argentina2016$2,300$2,300
IDM S.A. - San Lorenzo, Santa Fe, Argentina2016$2,300$2,300
Australia:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Veolia Environmental Services - Brooklyn, Victoria, Australia2013$2,000$2,000
Transwaste Technologies Pty Ltd - Campbellfield, Victoria, Australia2013$2,000$2,000
Sita Taylors Road LF - Dandenong South, Victoria, Australia2013$2,000$2,000
Geocycle SBF Pty Ltd - Dandenong, Victoria, Australia2017$2,500$1,600
Container Reconditioning Services Pty Ltd - Dry Creek, South Australia, Australia2011$1,800$1,800
Cleanaway Waste Management - Glendenning, New South Wales, Australia2017$2,500$1,600
Cleanaway Waste Management - Homebush Bay, New South Wales, Australia2017$2,500$1,600
Veolia Environmental Services - Kilburn, South Australia, Australia2013$2,000$2,000
SteriHealth - Laverton North, Victoria, Australia2011$1,800$1,800
Tox Free Australia - Laverton North, Victoria, Australia2016$2,300$2,300
TES-AMM Australia PTY LTD - Villawood, New South Wales, Australia2011$1,800$1,800
Cleanaway Technical Services - Wingfield, South Australia, Australia2016$2,300$2,300
Australia (not yet published):YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Tox Free Solutions Ltd. - Kwinana, Western Australia, Australia2017$2,500$1,600
Austria:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Energie AG Umwelt Service - Vienna, Vienna, Austria2015$2,200$2,200
Belgium:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Indaver NV - Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium2016$2,300$2,300
Veolia Environmental Services - Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium2016$2,300$2,300
Campine NV - Beerse, Antwerp, Belgium2015$2,200$2,200
Shanks Hainaut S.A. - Bernissart, Wallonia, Belgium2012$1,900$1,900
SUEZ R&R Wallonia Jumet - Charleroi, Wallonia, Belgium2016$2,300$2,300
Indaver - Doel, Flanders, Belgium2016$2,300$2,300
Revatech Engis - Engis, Wallonia, Belgium2016$2,300$2,300
Chemogas NV - Grimbergen, Flanders, Belgium2016$2,300$2,300
SITA Remediation NV - Grimbergen, Flanders, Belgium2011$1,800$1,800
SITA Wallonia Herstal - Herstal, Wallonia, Belgium2011$1,800$1,800
Revatech Monsin - Liege, Wallonia, Belgium2016$2,300$2,300
Bioterra NV - Opglabbeek, Flanders, Belgium2013$2,000$2,000
Shanks Vlaanderen NV - Roeselare, Flanders, Belgium2016$2,300$2,300
Desotec Activated Carbon NV S.A. - Roeselare, West Flanders, Belgium2015$2,200$2,200
Geocycle S.A. - Seneffe, Wallonia, Belgium2016$2,300$2,300
Sims Recycling Solutions NV - Sint-Niklaas, Flanders, Belgium2012$1,900$1,900
IPALLE s.c.r.l. - Thumaide, Wallonia, Belgium2016$2,300$2,300
Recyc Oil - Wielsbeke, Flanders, Belgium2016$2,300$2,300
Brazil:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
BMA Tecnologia de Residuos - Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil2013$2,000$2,000
Essencis Solucoes Ambientais - Curitiba, Parana, Brazil2011$1,800$1,800
Apliquim Brasil Recicle Ltda - Indaial, Santa Catarina, Brazil2014$2,100$2,100
Pergom Comercio e Recuperacao de Tambores Ltda - Itupeva, Sao Paulo, Brazil2011$1,800$1,800
Lwart Lubrificantes, Ltda. - Lencois Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil2016$2,300$2,300
Essencis Solucoes Ambientais - Mage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2016$2,300$2,300
ESTRE Ltda. - Paulinia, Sao Paulo, Brazil2016$2,300$2,300
Suzaquim Industrias Quimicas Ltda. - Suzano, Sao Paulo, Brazil2017$2,500$1,600
Essencis Incineracao - Taboao da Serra, Sao Paulo, Brazil2014$2,100$2,100
RCR Ambiental - Taboao da Serra, Sao Paulo, Brazil2017$2,500$1,600
Chile:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Empresa de Tratamientos de Residuos Copiulemu S.A. - Florida, Bio Bio, Concepcion, Chile2012$1,900$1,900
Procesos Sanitarios SpA - Quilicura, Santiago, Chile2017$2,500$1,600
Cemento Polpaico S.A. Coactiva Platform - Til-Til, Chacabuco, Chile2017$2,500$1,600
China:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
TES-AMM - Beijing, Beijing Province, China2016$2,300$2,300
SCIP SITA Waste Services Co., Ltd. - Cao Jing, Shanghai, China2017$2,500$1,600
Chengdu Shuguang Petrochemical Co - Chengdu, Sichuan, China2011$1,800$1,800
Dalian Dongtai Industrial Waste Treatment Co. Ltd. - Dalian, Liaoning, China2012$1,900$1,900
Guangzhou Luyou Industrial Waste Reclamation Treatment Co. Ltd. - Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China2016$2,300$2,300
Hang Zhou LiJia Environmental Services, Ltd. - Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China2015$2,200$2,200
Litong Telecom Company Ltd. - Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China2016$2,300$2,300
Hong Kong Kingstay Company - Ping Che, Fanling, NT Hong Kong, China2012$1,900$1,900
Shanghai Xin Jin Qiao Industrial Waste Management Co., Ltd - Pudong New District, Shanghai Province, China2015$2,200$2,200
Shanghai Xing Yue Env Protection Services Ltd. - Shanghai, Shanghai Province, China2015$2,200$2,200
TES-AMM - Shanghai, Shanghai Province, China2012$1,900$1,900
TES-AMM - Shanghai, Shanghai Province, China2015$2,200$2,200
Suzhou Roiwow Recycle Technology Co. Ltd. - Suzhou, Jiangsu, China2011$1,800$1,800
Colombia:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Grupo Orco - Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia2011$1,800$1,800
Asesoria Servicio Ecologicos e Industriales - Itagui, Antioquia, Colombia2016$2,300$2,300
Tecniamsa S.A E.S.P - Mosquera, Cundinamarca, Colombia2016$2,300$2,300
Colombia (not yet published):YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Tecniamsa S.A E.S.P - Galapa, Atlantico, Colombia2017$2,500$1,600
Costa Rica:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Fortech SA - Cartago, Cartago, Costa Rica2017$2,500$1,600
Servicios Ambientales Geocycle SAG SA - Cartago, Cartago, Costa Rica2016$2,300$2,300
Denmark:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
NORD - Nyborg, Syddanmark, Denmark2014$2,100$2,100
Dominican Republic:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Alianza Innovadora de Servicios Ambientales, S.A. - Hato Nuevo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic2011$1,800$1,800
France:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
SITA - Bellegarde, Gard, Languedoc-Roussillon, France2016$2,300$2,300
EarthMinded France - Billy Berclau, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France2014$2,100$2,100
SEDA - Champteusse Sur Baconne, Pays de la Loire, France2012$1,900$1,900
Seche Eco-Industries - Change, Pays de la Loire, France2015$2,200$2,200
Biogenie - Chateau Gaillard, Rhone-Alpes, France2012$1,900$1,900
Sotrenor - Courrieres, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France2012$1,900$1,900
SIAVED - Douchy-les-Mines, Nord, Nord Pas-de-Calais, France2013$2,000$2,000
Hydropale - Dunkerque, Nord, Nord Pas-de-Calais, France2013$2,000$2,000
Suez Recycling and Recovery - Gennevilliers, Ile-de-France, France2017$2,500$1,600
Labo Services - Givors, Rhone-Alpes, France2012$1,900$1,900
SCORI - Givors, Rhone-Alpes, France2014$2,100$2,100
SARP Industries - Limay, Ile-De-France, France2016$2,300$2,300
HOLCIM (Geocycle) - Lumbres, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France2012$1,900$1,900
SITA FD Agora Eco Hub - Noyelles-Godault, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France2012$1,900$1,900
SCORI Atlantique - Oriolles, Poitou-Charentes, France2012$1,900$1,900
IKOS Soil Mix - Pitres, Haute-Normandie, France2012$1,900$1,900
Lafarge Ciments - Port-la-Nouvelle, Languedoc-Roussillon, France2012$1,900$1,900
VALORTEC - Rognac, Provence-Alpes-Cote d Azur, France2013$2,000$2,000
Triadis Services - Rouen, Upper Normandy, France2015$2,200$2,200
Tredi-St. Vulbas - Saint Vulbas, Rhone-Alpes, France2016$2,300$2,300
Suez RR IWS Chemicals - Saint-Brice-Courcelles, Grand Est, France2017$2,500$1,600
Tredi-Salaise - Salaise-sur-Sanne, Rhone-Alpes, France2016$2,300$2,300
GRS Valtech - St. Pierre de Chandieu, Rhone, Rhone-Alpes, France2013$2,000$2,000
Gabon:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Impact Environnement Gabon - Port-Gentil, Ogooue-Maritime, Gabon2011$1,800$1,800
Germany:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Nickelhutte Aue GmbH - Aue, Sachsen, Germany2017$2,500$1,600
GSB Sonderabfall Entsorgung Bayern GmbH - Baar-Ebenhausen, Bavaria, Germany2017$2,500$1,600
Hessische Industriemuell Gmbh - Biebesheim, Hessen, Germany2017$2,500$1,600
Bauer Umwelt GmbH - Bleicherode, Thuringia, Germany2013$2,000$2,000
REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG - Bramsche, Lower Saxony, Germany2017$2,500$1,600
AVG Abfall-Verwertungs-Gesellschaft mbH - Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany2017$2,500$1,600
Bauer Umwelt GmbH - Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany2012$1,900$1,900
TerraCon - Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany2012$1,900$1,900
RCM Abfallbehandlung GmbH - Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany2013$2,000$2,000
REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG - Melle, Lower Saxony, Germany2017$2,500$1,600
ALBA Neckar-Alb GmbH & Co. Kg - Metzingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany2013$2,000$2,000
Bauer Umwelt GmbH - Schrobenhausen, Bavaria, Germany2017$2,500$1,600
REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG - Uetze, Lower Saxony, Germany2012$1,900$1,900
Thermische Ruckstandverwertung GmbH & Co. KG - Wesseling, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany2017$2,500$1,600
Guatemala:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Eco Termo of Central America, Inc - Amatitlan, Guatemala2017$2,500$1,600
India:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Balaji Refineries - Bangalore, Karnataka, India2016$2,300$2,300
G. N. Industries - Bangalore, Karnataka, India2016$2,300$2,300
Gomti Incinco - Bangalore, Karnataka, India2015$2,200$2,200
Sims Recycling Solutions - Bangalore, Karnataka, India2012$1,900$1,900
Sims Recycling Solutions - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India2012$1,900$1,900
E-Parisaraa Pvt. Ltd. - Dabaspete, Karnataka, India2016$2,300$2,300
Medicare Environmental Management Pvt. Ltd. - Dabaspete, Karnataka, India2017$2,500$1,600
Sims Recycling Solutions - Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, India2012$1,900$1,900
TES-AMM India Pte Ltd - Oragadam, Tamil Nadu, India2016$2,300$2,300
Maharashtra Enviro Power Limited - Pune, Maharashtra, India2015$2,200$2,200
Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd. - Quthbullapur, Telangana, India2016$2,300$2,300
Bharat Oil & Waste Management Ltd - Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India2015$2,200$2,200
Ramky-Mumbai Waste Management - Taloja, Maharashtra, India2013$2,000$2,000
ACC Limited Wadi Cement Works - Wadi, Maharashtra, India2012$1,900$1,900
Indonesia:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk - Bogor, West Java, Indonesia2015$2,200$2,200
Indonesia (not yet published):YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
PT Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri - Bogor, West Java, Indonesia2017$2,500$1,600
Ireland:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Irish Lamp Disposal Company, Ltd. - Athy, County Kildare, Ireland2015$2,200$2,200
Veolia ES Technical Solutions - Corrin, Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland2016$2,300$2,300
Indaver Transfer Station - Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland2017$2,500$1,600
Indaver Waste to Energy - Duleek, County Meath, Ireland2017$2,500$1,600
Enva Ireland - Portlaoise, Ireland2017$2,500$1,600
Rilta Environmental - Rathcoole, Ireland2017$2,500$1,600
ENVA Hazardous Waste - Shannon, Ireland2016$2,300$2,300
KMK Metals Recycling - Tullamore, County Offaly, Ireland2017$2,500$1,600
Israel:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Elcon Recycling - Beersheba, Southern District, Israel2017$2,500$1,600
Evron Landfill - Evron, Northern District, Israel2017$2,500$1,600
Eco Oil - Haifa, Haifa, Israel2017$2,500$1,600
Ale Ecological Services - Kiryat Gat, Southern District, Israel2017$2,500$1,600
Italy:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Meta Service S.R.L. - Aci Sant'Antonio, Catania, Sicilia, Italy2012$1,900$1,900
Vallesabbiaservizi SRL - Agnosine, Lombardy, Italy2011$1,800$1,800
Chimet - Badia al Pino, Tuscany, Italy2011$1,800$1,800
ECOSFERA S.R.L. - Bulgarograsso, Como, Italy2012$1,900$1,900
Azzurra S.R.L. - Casale Monferrato, Piemonte, Italy2012$1,900$1,900
Waste Recycling S.P.A. - Castelfranco di Sotto, Pisa, Toscana, Italy2017$2,500$1,600
ManEco, S.R.L. - Ceranesi, Liguria, Italy2012$1,900$1,900
AXSE, S.R.L. - Ceriano Laghetto, Monza and Brianza, Lombardy, Italy2017$2,500$1,600
Granifix S.R.L. - Conselve, Padova, Veneto, Italy2013$2,000$2,000
Econet S.R.L. - Lamezia Terme, Calabria, Italy2012$1,900$1,900
A.R.O. S.R.L. - Leno, Lombardia, Italy2012$1,900$1,900
Erdbau S.R.L. - Merano, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy2013$2,000$2,000
Ecoltecnica SpA - Milan, Lombardy, Italy2011$1,800$1,800
ACRI s.r.l. - Misilmeri, Palermo, Sicily, Italy2013$2,000$2,000
Grandi Impianti Ecologici S.R.L. - Novedrate, Como, Lombardia, Italy2013$2,000$2,000
Ambiente E Servizi S.R.L. - Povegliano Veronese, Verona, Italy2013$2,000$2,000
La Cart s.r.l. - Rimini, Emilia Romagna, Italy2013$2,000$2,000
Petroltecnica SpA - San Giovanni di Ostellato, Emilia-Romagna, Italy2012$1,900$1,900
IOSA CARLO s.r.l. - Terni, Umbria, Italy2013$2,000$2,000
La Torrazza SRL - Torrazza Piemonte, Turin, Piedmont, Italy2013$2,000$2,000
La. Fu. Met. S.r.l. - Villastellone, Piedmont, Italy2011$1,800$1,800
Japan:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Amita Corporation - Himeji, Hyogo, Japan2014$2,100$2,100
Itomuka Refinery - Kitami, Hokkaido, Japan2015$2,200$2,200
Recycle Energy, Inc. - Ranzan, Saitama, Japan2016$2,300$2,300
Wako Service Co. Ltd. - Shiroi, Chiba, Japan2014$2,100$2,100
Luxembourg:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Lamesch S.A. - Bettembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg2017$2,500$1,600
Malaysia:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Ming Engineering Plastic Sdn Bhd - Bukit Minyak, Penang, Malaysia2017$2,500$1,600
Victory Recovery Resources Sdn Bhd - Krubong, Melaka, Malaysia2016$2,300$2,300
Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia2013$2,000$2,000
5E Resources Sdn Bhd - Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia2016$2,300$2,300
Kualiti Alam Sdn Bhd - Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia2016$2,300$2,300
TES-AMM (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd - Prai, Penang, Malaysia2015$2,200$2,200
New Zealand:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Redvale Sanitary Landfill - Dairy Flat, Auckland, New Zealand2011$1,800$1,800
Waste Management New Zealand - Lower Hutt City, Wellington, New Zealand2017$2,500$1,600
Chemwaste Onehunga - Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand2017$2,500$1,600
Chemwaste Industries - Woolston, Canterbury, New Zealand2017$2,500$1,600
Norway:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
VEFAS RETUR AS - Alta, Finmark, Norway2012$1,900$1,900
Bardu Deponi - Bardu, Troms, Norway2013$2,000$2,000
Fana Stein og Gjenvinning AS - Bergen, Hordaland, Norway2012$1,900$1,900
FREVAR KF - Fredrikstad, Ostfold, Norway2013$2,000$2,000
Hias IKS - Hamar, Hedmark, Norway2013$2,000$2,000
Retura TRV AS - Heimdal, S°r-Tr°ndelag, Norway2012$1,900$1,900
Avfallsservice - Storslett, Troms, Norway2012$1,900$1,900
SAR AS - Tananger, Rogoland, Norway2011$1,800$1,800
Panama:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Servicios Tecnologicos de Incineracion, S.A - Colon, Colon, Panama2015$2,200$2,200
Philippines:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Dolomatrix Philippines Inc. - Calibutbut, Pampanga, Philippines2015$2,200$2,200
Semirecycling Co., Inc. - Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines2017$2,500$1,600
Gulf Oil Petroleum Corp - Pandi, Bulacan, Philippines2015$2,200$2,200
Poland:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
SUEZ Wschod Sp z o.o. - Radom, Mazowieckie, Poland2017$2,500$1,600
Remondis Sp. z o.o. - Warsaw, Masovian, Poland2015$2,200$2,200
Veolia EMK Recycling Ltd. - Zgierz, Lˇdzkie, Poland2011$1,800$1,800
Russia:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Ecoresource, LLC - Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk, Russia2015$2,200$2,200
Saudi Arabia:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Abdullah H. Balharith & Partners Co. - Dammam, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia2016$2,300$2,300
Singapore:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Elements Industries Pte LTD - Singapore, Singapore2015$2,200$2,200
Metech Recycling (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. - Singapore, Singapore2016$2,300$2,300
NSL OilChem Services Pte. Ltd. - Singapore, Singapore2016$2,300$2,300
TES-AMM Singapore Pte Ltd - Singapore, Singapore2011$1,800$1,800
Aroma Chemical Pte. Ltd. - Tuas, Singapore2015$2,200$2,200
Chem-Solv Technologies Pte., Ltd. - Tuas, Singapore2017$2,500$1,600
ECO Special Waste Management Pte. Ltd. - Tuas, Singapore2016$2,300$2,300
SPM Refinery Pte. Ltd. - Tuas, Singapore2014$2,100$2,100
Veolia ES Singapore Industrial Pte. Ltd. - Tuas, Singapore2011$1,800$1,800
South Africa:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
EnviroServ Waste Management Vissershok LF - Milnerton, Western Cape, South Africa2014$2,100$2,100
EnviroServ Waste Management Aloes II Landfill - Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa2011$1,800$1,800
EnviroServ Waste Management Shongweni LF - Shongweni, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa2013$2,000$2,000
EnviroServ Waste Management Holfontein LF - Springs, Gauteng, South Africa2015$2,200$2,200
South Korea:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Sungeel Hitech Co. - Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea2016$2,300$2,300
Young Sin Metal Working Co, Ltd. - Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongbuk, South Korea2013$2,000$2,000
TES-AMM Korea - Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, South Korea2014$2,100$2,100
Union Corporation - Pohang-City, Kyongsang-bukto, South Korea2013$2,000$2,000
EG Corporation - Ulsan, Yeongnam, South Korea2014$2,100$2,100
Spain:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Geocycle Espana, S.A. - Albox, Almeria, Spain2017$2,500$1,600
SERTEGO - Lalin, Pontevedra, Spain2012$1,900$1,900
Magma Tratamientos - Massalfassar, Valencia, Spain2015$2,200$2,200
Proteccion Medioambiental del Cantabrico - Samano-Castro Urdiales, Cantabrias, Spain2012$1,900$1,900
Switzerland:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Batrec Industrie AG - Wimmis, Bern, Switzerland2017$2,500$1,600
Thommen-Furler AG - Ziefen, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland2017$2,500$1,600
Taiwan:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Full-Yield Industry Co., Ltd. - Tsauh-Chiaur, Miao-Li, Taiwan2014$2,100$2,100
Sunny Friend Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. - Yuanchang, Yunlin County, Taiwan2011$1,800$1,800
Thailand:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
TES-AMM (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani, Thailand2014$2,100$2,100
Akkhie Prakarn Co. Ltd. - Muang, Samutprakarn, Thailand2011$1,800$1,800
Siam City Cement Public Co., Ltd./Geocycle - Tabkwang, Saraburi, Thailand2013$2,000$2,000
The Netherlands:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Sims Recycling Solutions - Eindhoven, North Brabant, The Netherlands2012$1,900$1,900
Afvalstoffen Terminal Moerdijk - Moerdijk, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands2017$2,500$1,600
Van Vliet Group - Nieuwegein, Utrecht, The Netherlands2017$2,500$1,600
Ondeo Industrial Solutions - Son, North Brabant, The Netherlands2013$2,000$2,000
Attero - Tilburg, Noord Brabant, The Netherlands2017$2,500$1,600
Turkey:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Canakkale Port Management, Inc. - Canakkale, Canakkale, Turkey2017$2,500$1,600
Capanoglu Varil Ticaret - Cayirova, Kocaeli, Turkey2013$2,000$2,000
ISTAC A.S. - Eyup, Istanbul, Turkey2017$2,500$1,600
Izaydas Izmit Waste and Residue Treatment Incineration Inc. - Izmit, Kocaeli, Turkey2017$2,500$1,600
Anel Doga Entegre Geridonusum Endustri A.S. - Kartepe, Kocaeli, Turkey2013$2,000$2,000
SATE Gidave Kimya San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. - Kemalpasa, Izmir, Turkey2017$2,500$1,600
Eag Geri Donusum San. Tic. A.S. - Sultangazi, Istanbul, Turkey2017$2,500$1,600
Kahyaogullari Hurda San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. - Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey2017$2,500$1,600
Orusan Kimya ve Akaryakit Urunleri San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. - Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey2017$2,500$1,600
Ukraine:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
UkrEcoProm LLC - Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine2017$2,500$1,600
United Kingdom (England):YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Veolia Environmental Services UK - Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Augean Treatment Ltd - Avonmouth, Bristol, United Kingdom (England)2016$2,300$2,300
WasteCare - Barking, London, Greater London, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Rapier Energy Ltd - Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Cleansing Service Group Ltd - Bristol, Avon, United Kingdom (England)2012$1,900$1,900
Envirosol Limited - Brownhills, West Midlands, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
CSG Lanstar - Cadishead, Manchester, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Grundon Waste Management Ltd - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom (England)2012$1,900$1,900
Cleansing Service Group - Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Veolia ES Cleanaway UK Ltd. - Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, United Kingdom (England)2017$2,500$1,600
Cory Environmental Resource Management - Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Tradebe Fawley Thermal Treatment Centre - Hythe, Southampton, United Kingdom (England)2011$1,800$1,800
Augean plc - Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom (England)2016$2,300$2,300
Avanti Environmental - Knowsley, Merseyside, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Veolia Environmental Services - Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Grundon Waste Management Ltd - Maidenhead, Berkshire, United Kingdom (England)2011$1,800$1,800
Veolia Environmental Services - Middlewich, Cheshire, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Brocklesby Ltd - North Cave (Brough), East Yorkshire, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Adler and Allen - Rainham, Essex, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Veolia Rainham Landfill Site - Rainham, Essex, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Biffa Patterson Court Landfill - Redhill, Surrey, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Cleansing Service Group - Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Tradebe - Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Grundon Waste Management Ltd - Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom (England)2011$1,800$1,800
Cleansing Service Group - Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Veolia Environmental Solutions - St. Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (England)2017$2,500$1,600
Veolia Environmental Solutions - Stewartby, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom (England)2011$1,800$1,800
Albion Landfill Site - Swadlincote, Derbyshire, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Augean Thornhaugh Landfill Site - Thornhaugh, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
Mercury Recycling Limited - Trafford Park, Manchester, United Kingdom (England)2015$2,200$2,200
Grundon Waste Management Ltd - Wallingford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (England)2017$2,500$1,600
Shortwood Quarry Landfill Site - Walsall Wood, Walsall, West Midlands, United Kingdom (England)2013$2,000$2,000
SecAnim Limited - Widnes, Cheshire, United Kingdom (England)2014$2,100$2,100
United Kingdom (Northern Ireland):YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
McQuillan Envirocare Ltd - Antrim, County Antrim, United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)2013$2,000$2,000
Brickkiln Waste Ltd. - Derry, County Londonderry, United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)2014$2,100$2,100
United Kingdom (Scotland):YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Northburn Industrial Services Ltd - Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom (Scotland)2013$2,000$2,000
Veolia Environmental Services (UK) plc - Falkirk, Stirling, United Kingdom (Scotland)2013$2,000$2,000
Billy Bowie Special Projects Ltd - Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, United Kingdom (Scotland)2013$2,000$2,000
Stoneyhill Waste Management - Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom (Scotland)2013$2,000$2,000
Vietnam:YearMember CostNew Member Cost**
Holcim (Vietnam) Ltd. - Hon Chong, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam2013$2,000$2,000

**New members joining CHWMEG, Inc. after the funding process has been completed for the current Facility Review Program will be able to purchase facility reviews for that program at a discounted price, as shown in the "New Member" column in the table above. This policy will be in effect for the new member ONLY for the facility review program year that they were unable to participate. Thereafter, the member will be subject to the same policy for purchasing facility reviews as the other members, shown in the "Cost for Each Facility Review for Members" column in the table above.

Effective Date: January 1, 2017
Expiration Date: December 31, 2017