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WMI Turnkey Recycling & Environmental Enterprises
(a.k.a./f.k.a.: TREE, Rochester LF)
CHWMEG Report Number: H838.2

City, State/Prov, Country:Rochester, New Hampshire, USA

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Review Program
(Visit Date):
2016 (7/19/2016)
2011 (6/7/2011)
There are 1 more reviews conducted prior to 2011 not shown.

Description of Services:Facility operations are:
  • Sanitary Landfill for nonhazardous industrial, commercial and residential solid waste; nonhazardous liquids and sludges for solidification and eventual landfill disposal; treated medical waste; asbestos; and construction and demolition debris.
  • Solidification: Non-hazardous liquid waste and sludge is solidified using sawdust, vermiculite, or other suitable medium. Solidification is conducted in an open-top double-walled steel tank located inside the landfill footprint. Mixing is accomplished using an excavator in a controlled fashion to ensure incompatible materials are not processed together. Typical wastestreams solidified are latex paints, off-specification syrups, slurries, adhesives, leachate from offsite facilities, and liquid non-hazardous drummed wastes.
  • Recycling: Glass, aluminum, plastics, ferrous metals, and paper are stored in dedicated areas over improved surfaces, and appropriately packaged for transfer to offsite recycling facilities.
  • Landfill gas energy recovery: Collected landfill gas is pre-treated (liquid condensed) and combusted in gas turbines and internal combustion engines located in a single site building. Electrical generators are connected to the units; produced power is distributed to the local grid. Gas chromatographs are used to analyze produced gas and provide proper fuel:air ratio.

Description Date:2011 Facility Review Program

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