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Current Membership: Now over 280 member enterprises & more than 800 individual organizations (March, 2018)
Organizational Trends: CHWMEG is a non-profit organization
Facility Review Costs: Typically US$775-$875 for North America and US$1,600 elsewhere
CHWMEG Meetings: No cost to members - request an invite
Global Seminars: Valuable & timely information about global issues
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Member Benefits & Information

CHWMEG is more than just facility reviews!

  • CHWMEG Meetings: Free for members; these informational meetings also provide great networking opportunities
  • Global Seminars: provide valuable information concerning the aspects of industrial waste stewardship and potential/emerging liabilities
  • Typical Report Contents - Contact the Administrator to review a sample report. This page contains the standard report Table of Contents.
  • Facility Evaluation Program - For the technically inclined, some information on how the protocol is applied

About CHWMEG, Inc.

CHWMEG, Inc. is a non-profit trade association comprised of manufacturing and other "industrial" companies interested in efficiently managing the waste management aspects of their environmental stewardship programs. Their programs are based upon their potential environmental liability related to the wastes that are inherently generated by their companies' manufacturing processes. Note that member companies always strive to reduce, recycle, or reuse the wastes associated with their operations as a first resort. However, the complete elimination of wastes generated from their operations is not always feasible. [more]


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