CHWMEG, Inc. (CHWMEG) is a non-profit trade association comprised of manufacturing, and similar industrial organizations, educational/research institutions, and individual government installations.

CHWMEG members are concerned about potential environmental liability associated with the wastes and spent materials that are related to their companies' manufacturing and business processes. Note that member companies strive to reduce, recycle, or reuse the wastes associated with their operations. However, the complete elimination of wastes generated from their operations is not always feasible.

CompassCHWMEG's Facility Review Program (FRP) reports allow members to obtain critical environmental, operational, and financial information relating to facilities that treat, dispose, recycle and/or store manufactured wastes and spent materials generated by members. CHWMEG reports allow members to augment or replace staff requirements for conducting site visits for vendor due diligence reviews intrinsic to the members' internal waste management review programs.

CHWMEG members realize significant cost savings while obtaining the most comprehensive information needed to evaluate potential short and long term liabilities associated with a facility.


Historical Timeline

  • 1980


    The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), also known as Superfund, is enacted by Congress in response to the Love Canal tragedy and other legacy contamination cases arising during the late 1970s.

  • Early 1980's

    Early 1980's

    Many organizations begin conducting risk reviews/audits of their third-party waste, treatment, storage, recycling and disposal facilities.

  • Mid 1980's

    Mid 1980's

    The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) evaluates thousands of abandoned sites around the USA to assess environmental damages and risks posed to human health and the environment. Remedial actions are undertaken at hundreds of sites, and responsible parties pay for the clean-ups.

  • 1985


    An alliance was created to conduct single facility reviews of hazardous waste management facilities utilizing a member developed standard protocol.

  • 1995


    CHWMEG, Inc. (CHWMEG), was incorporated as an US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 501(c)(6) trade association for the purpose of collectively working to reduce waste-generator borne liabilities associated with third-party waste management and processing activities. The scope of the CHWMEG Facility Review Program (FRP) consisted of reviews in the USA and Canada.

  • 1999


    CHWMEG expands the Facility Review Program to address generator liability at processing, treatment and storage facilities responsible for used oil and other non-hazardous waste streams. The Global Expansion Committee was formed to consider CHWMEG reviews outside of North America.

  • 2000


    Revisions are made to the CHWMEG protocol and questionnaire to address member requests for reviews of global facilities. CHWMEG conducts the first review outside of North America in Chile.

  • 2001-2004

    2001 - 2004

    CHWMEG completes the first reviews of facilities in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Australia, France, Germany, The United Kingdom (England), and Malaysia.

  • 2007


    CHWMEG conducts reviews of over 245 different facilities for the 2007 Facility Review Program; the largest program to that time. Membership includes over 150+ members and 200 recognized affiliates.

  • 2013


    CHWMEG Membership surpasses 250 member organizations with participating affiliate organizations exceeding 450 different entities.

  • today


    CHWMEG has conducted 6,682 reviews of 2,286 unique facilities in 57 countries. Membership now equals 317 member organizations with 660 participating affiliates.