CHWMEG, Inc. Membership

CHWMEG is not an acronym or an abbreviation. The legal name of the organization is CHWMEG, Inc. CHWMEG "stands for" globally promoting responsible waste stewardship.
Qualified organizations must submit the CHWMEG Membership Application and CHWMEG Membership Agreement forms. The Confidentially Agreement Pertaining to Wholly-Owned Subsidiary/Eligible Joint Ventures form (WOS/JV) is an optional document.
The CHWMEG Board of Directors reviews all membership applications on a monthly basis during their regularly scheduled BOD meeting.
No - CHWMEG membership can be established to support an entire organization or one or more specific entities within a larger enterprise depending on placement within an organization’s family tree.
No - The CHWMEG By-Laws preclude organizations operating as a principal business of commercial waste transportation services, commercial waste management or other facilities that are involved in the recycling, treatment, storage, handling, or disposal of waste or an environmental consulting service from membership eligibility.


CHWMEG Reports

Only employees of the named member proper or employees of an authorized subsidiary organization with a "bona-fide need to know" basis, can have access to CHWMEG reports and/or the CHWMEG Members Only Website.
No - reports are only available to CHWMEG members.
Each member entity has a primary member representative who manages access to CHWMEG for their organization.
No - CHWMEG members determine which facilities are reviewed by CHWMEG each calendar year.


CHWMEG Facility Review Program (FRP)

The CHWMEG report is a compilation of factual information that has been defined by members to be necessary for their evaluation of a vendor. CHWMEG, Inc. does not approve or disapprove facilities. Members must use their own protocol to assess the facility.
Facilities are reviewed as often as member interest indicates a review is merited.
CHWMEG has conducted over 1,800+ unique facility reviews in over 50+ countries worldwide.
CHWMEG reviews commercial waste treatment, storage, disposal, and recycling facilities. Both hazardous and non-hazardous waste facilities and processors of other spent materials (catalyst, e-scrap, plastics, etc.) can be included in the CHWMEG Facility Review Program (FRP).