The CHWMEG Facility Review Program

The CHWMEG Facility Review Program (FRP) conducts worldwide reviews of facilities that recycle, treat, store, and/or dispose of waste or spent materials. The mission of the program to is collect environmental management and risk data concerning waste management facilities of interest to member entities by pooling member and organizational resources.

CHWMEG members participate in an annual selection process, called the Nomination and Commitment Phases, starting the last week of July, and concluding mid-October. Facilities chosen will be reviewed by a CHWMEG contractor during the following FRP calendar year. CHWMEG report costs (called shared cost price reviews) are determined by the CHWMEG Board of Directors (BOD) prior to the commencement of each year's program. Members individually purchase the reports to be completed by CHWMEG of interest to their organization and independently analyze the results reported utilizing their own environmental stewardship criteria.

The cornerstone of CHWMEG, Inc. is the CHWMEG Facility Review Program (FRP) and the CHWMEG Reports.


Nomination and Commitment Phases

The CHWMEG Members Only Website administers a database of over 11,500 waste, recycling, storage, treatment and disposal facilities worldwide that continues to grow by member submission of new facilities. CHWMEG members nominate the facilities that they are interested in purchasing a CHWMEG report at the shared cost price during the Nomination Phase. Facilities meeting the minimum threshold of common interest established by the CHWMEG Board of Directors are available for early member purchase during the Commitment Phase for the CHWMEG shared cost price.

The Commitment Phase is the period that members financially obligate to purchase the CHWMEG reviews to be conducted during the upcoming FRP year. Members choosing not to order reports during the Commitment Phase have the ability to purchase the reviews later, at a slightly higher cost.

The Commitment Phase is also the first opportunity that CHWMEG Members can add individual facilities to be reviewed in the upcoming FRP, where the facility has not met the minimum common interest levels instituted by the Board of Directors. Members can initiate an individual facility review by submitting a Sole Sponsor addition. Sole Sponsor reviews become part of the library of reports available for member purchase.

Did You Know That...

Waste management facility review programs are recognized as "best environmental management practice" by environmental managers, risk managers, and legal counsel, and are incorporated into many initiatives (e.g. American Chemistry Council's Responsible CareĀ® program and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standards).


Benefits of CHWMEG Reports

  • Facility review report information augments members' staff requirements for conducting site visits, or significantly reduces the need for contracting reviews.
  • CHWMEG report information helps to replace or augment internal company waste management facility review programs.
  • CHWMEG report costs are the lowest-cost and highest-value option for obtaining objective and value-added information about waste management facilities.