CHWMEG, Inc. (CHWMEG) members, in collaboration with CHWMEG's facility review contractors, have developed a comprehensive protocol, questionnaire, and data management system that serves as the framework for the CHWMEG report. These elements are utilized by the CHWMEG contractors to collect the information that is delivered to members electronically, in a standardized formatted report.

The CHWMEG contractors visit every facility reviewed, spending between 4 and 8 hours onsite depending on the size and complexity of facility operations. In addition, CHWMEG reports undergo an extensive internal QA/QC review, before the report is available to members.

The information gathered in the CHWMEG report contains the data required to evaluate the reviewed facility based upon each member's individual stewardship and risk assessment system.

The CHWMEG report considers all aspects of each facility including its history, setting, design, operations, management, and financial strength. The focus in all cases, however, is on environmental risk and the inherently-associated financial risk.

The CHWMEG proprietary Risk Assessment System (RAS)

The CHWMEG proprietary Risk Assessment System (RAS) evaluates and quantifies long and short risk into three primary categories: Environmental, Operational, and Financial.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL RISK includes analyzing the source, pathway, and receptors of all contamination (existing and potential), associated with a facility, as well as its compliance with environmental regulations.
  • OPERATIONAL RISK involves evaluating a facility's management proficiency, types of equipment and technology utilization, training, and maintenance programs.
  • FINANCIAL RISK involves considering the financial strength of the facility ownership organization


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